Getting to know Me in 25ish Questions
Photo by Vox.Magneta 

Photo by Vox.Magneta 

Welcome to my blog. I have wanted to do this for a while and it is time to get started. I wish I could say this blog was about one subject, but it's really not. This is about the things that make up my life. I plan to write about being a boss, being a wife, travel, food and my love of brunch. I'll do reviews of books, movies, makeup and more. This is a journey and I am glad you want to join me. 

To kick things off my friends have helped me by giving me some questions that would tell you a little more about me. 

1. Favorite kind of Heel- I am 6’0” tall in bare feet, so I like a mid heel 2.5-3 inches and if it is in a wedge, even better!

2. Favorite color - Grey or Navy

3. Favorite Food - French Fries

4. Favorite Drink - Morning drink is a Soy Chai Latte. Evening drink Sonoma Brothers Bourbon and Ginger Ale 

5. Favorite Accessory -  Handbags without question. I am saving up for a Gucci Boston bag

6. Favorite Nail Color & Lip Color - Nail Color: I love OPI’s You don’t know Jacques or Not just a Waitress but I wear anything Sarah at the Glitter Garage puts on me. Lip Color is hard. I love lipstick but my go to right now is Tom Ford’s Dark and Stormy and Stila’s Beso

7.  Any guilty pleasures - Romance Novels. I read at least 4 books a week. If a book comes out by one of my top five I am usually done reading it in one day

Top 5 Romance Authors - Kristen AshleyKristen Proby - Lauren Blakely - Meghan March -

8. What do you do with your free time - it is very limited, but I love hanging out with my friends (if it is near a pool even better). But if I have time alone, I am usually reading a book

9. Last show you binge watched -I think it was Bosch on AmazonTV.  I love a good mystery and cop show!

10. Describe your family - they are the loudest, craziest, most loving people you ever want to meet. We are close and family always comes before anything else.

11. Favorite Brand/ Designer - That is so very hard to answer when it comes to clothing, but I do love Eloquii, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart for big name brands that I wear a lot of. Picking a favorite is too hard to do. I will say I am in my Gucci stage of life though. I am buying it piece by piece.

12. Describe your style - My style is classic, elegant and ladylike at all times with a touch of sexy and edgy thrown in for good measure.

13. How do you stay fashionable - I don’t know that I stay fashionable but I do keep my style game up at all times. I don't really do trendy. 

14. When you need to feel bad ass and powerful what is your go to outfit - When I need to command a space it’s a dress and heels. The dress is Black or Red and the shoe is a pointy toe pump ALWAYS.

15. What would you consider your greatest fashion risk - The one that stands out as a risk is shorts. I had not worn shorts in years, when I put them on again I was pleasantly surprised. Also the entire 4 years of high school was a style risk.

16. You have twelve days on an island, you can only pack six pieces of clothing. What are they? 
a.    Two bikinis
b.    Cover up
c.    Maxi dress
d.    Sandals

17. When did you know you wanted to work in fashion - I kind of didn’t know until I was working in it. It was not my set out career path but I am so glad I took the chance and starting my firm sealed the deal for me.

18. Name one of your bad habits - I hate hanging up clothes! It is awful but I have created a system that works, but I am the worst.

19. Scary movie or happy endings - Always a happy ending! I do not pay to be scared. In fact there are certain TV shows and movies I have to watch in the daytime because I won’t be able to sleep.

20. Last five songs you listened to  - 

Perm Bruno Mars
Grillz Nelly
I’m doin’ Me Fantasia
Wrecking Ball Eric Church
I am Changing Dreamgirls Soundtrack

21. Last three Concerts you attended  

Dolly Parton
Blues Festival

22. Last vacation - Washington DC in Dec with my hubby

23. Top 5 things on your bucket list  

Shopping in Paris
Buying my mother a large home
Seeing Kenny Rogers in concert
Meeting my siblings
Buy my hubby the motorcycle of his dreams

24. What has been your biggest accomplishment professionally to date - Wow, that is hard. I guess having my brand go National with Essence magazine would be it, but I also think just running my business has been a huge accomplishment for me. Taking what most would not think could be a career and turning it into a thriving business, I know is a big accomplishment 

25. What has been your biggest personal accomplishment to date - I know it would be my marriage. My parents were never married and marriage was never a big deal growing up. I knew I wanted to marry Eric on our first date and almost 17 years later, I am still with him. It is not always easy but I know this man was made for me and I for him so we fight to keep it together 

Bonus Question 

If you had any superpower what would it be - That is easy I would want the power to change peoples hearts and minds so the world can be a peaceful place.


So I did it! First blog done. I hope you comment and stick with me on my journey! I think it will be fun. 


Lets talk about this outfit

If you have never shopped Universal Standard you should. I have to say I love the way they think about a wardrobe. This Geneva dress was featured in my Essence article a few months back and Universal Standard thought I should have one. I LOVE this dress and plan on ordering the new crepe version as well. I paired it with this leopard print bomber jacket from Simply Be. I love these 2 items separately but together I feel all kinds of cute. Links to both items are below.  

Dress Universal Standard  Bomber Jacket Simply Be  Glasses Chanel from Sonoma Eyeworks Disclosure: The Universal Standard  Geneva dress was given to me in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own, as always. 

Dress Universal Standard  Bomber Jacket Simply Be  Glasses Chanel from Sonoma Eyeworks

Disclosure: The Universal Standard  Geneva dress was given to me in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own, as always.